Texas Children’s Hospital Smith Legacy Tower



Through this 19-story vertical expansion, Texas Children’s Hospital added 640,000 square-feet atop the fully-occupied, Bellows-built building adjacent to the Texas Children’s® Pavilion for Women which was also completed by Bellows. The Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower, equipped with a roof-top helistop, houses new and expanded operating rooms, as well as a new pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) that spans four floors and has 84 beds, including dedicated neurological ICU rooms, surgical ICU rooms and a progressive care unit. Smith Legacy Tower is the new home of Texas Children’s Heart Center® – ranked #1 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in cardiology and heart surgery. The Heart Center includes an outpatient clinic, catheterization lab, cardiac intensive care unit, four cardiovascular operating rooms, and cardiology acute care beds. What’s so special about this project is that it means never having to say ‘no’ to a child in need of complex care.


Houston, TX




Bellows Byline Fall 2018
“W. S. Bellows Construction Corporation has been part of developing, changing, upgrading, and expanding our Texas Children’s facilities during my 29 years leading our organization. They have constructed many of our facilities in the Texas Medical Center, most recently the vertical expansion of our Smith Legacy Tower which houses our most critically ill children and families. Bellows helps us create environments within which we do what we do best – provide the best possible care to our patients and their families.”

Mark A. Wallace

President and CEO

Texas Children’s Hospital