ConocoPhillips Central Plant


Office & Mixed-Use

Bellows completed a new 18,514-sf Central Plant for ConocoPhillips that includes six cooling towers, five 1,000-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers, five 450k-BTU boilers, and a CenterPoint transformer vault. Because of Bellows’ diligent work, the entire ConocoPhillips campus was able to remain open during the construction. Bellows replaced all domestic water piping and re-insulated all chilled water piping in all of the buildings. All electrical services were re-routed for the new central plant as well as the existing campus. Bellows also installed a new domestic fire pump system and was able to maintain operation of the loading dock facilities while building above the docks. During the entirety of the project, our team was working directly above a worldwide data center with no disruptions.


Houston, TX




Kendall/Heaton Architects